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Charles W. "Buck" Becker, Jr. - Vietnam Veteran 1970-1971

I was assigned to the 12th Combat Aviation Group (CAG) on 2 June 1970, and ETS'd 6 July 1971. I was further assigned to the 12th CAG Army Aviation Element Tactical Operations Center which was located several miles from the 12th CAG's Headquarters compound. My hours were 6 PM to 6 AM. I worked every day for 13 months without a day off or R&R. My choice.

My job in AAE was to contact each of the units 12th CAG supported (11th BN, 145th BN, 22nd BN, 1/9th ACS & 3/17th ACS) plus any allied units we supported during special operations. The info I collected was reviewed by the officers in AAE and condensed into a larger report/briefing each day for General West. My officers/pilots were Maj. Moore, Capt. Torrence, Capt. Kilcrease, CW Stamos, and CW Thibideau among others.

AAE TOC was a top secret installation. I was told we were 20-30 feet underground so the VC and NVA could not penetrate the bunker with rockets.

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    3 months ago
    Some photo was flip 180 degree.

    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      3 months ago
      Thanks - I did find 4 and flipped them 180 because of the writing, or signs, so if you spot more that you are sure about please give me the Photo Number or leave a comment at the bottom of each picture and I'll take care of it.  These are not my pictures but I'm sure the owner doesn't mind. Thanks again!
    • (Anonymously) (Private)
      3 months ago
      Thank you for sharing your photos!
      Some photo were flip 180 degree.

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