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5 - SP5 Norm Roy - Kontum

Via convoy, I passed through Kontum many times but only stopped a couple times. As I recall I had a 175mm gun tube change there early in my deployment. I think my platoon warrant officer wanted to test me on a field trip to see how I would perform away from the Pleiku maintenance shop. On one of my deployments there I had to stay overnight. The next day I caught a hop on a Huey that had dropped off a couple of GIs. Also on the flight back to Pleiku was a wounded GI that looked like he’d been in the field for a while. I later found out he was from a SOG team. The other two photos I took on some other visit, probably passing time while waiting for the convoy to continue either north or south from Kontum.

81mm Mortar
81mm Mortar
Huey-To Pickup Wounded GI and I At Kontum To Pleiku
Huey-To Pickup Wounded GI and I At K…
VC Rocket Hit-Kontum
VC Rocket Hit-Kontum

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